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iOS leads Android in online Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping period

While the holiday weekend saw customers lining up outside stores to get better deals, online shopping through mobile devices was up 9 percent this year, and iOS led Android throughout the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping period.


The data comes from the Digital Analytics Benchmark Group at IBM, which is a platform that tracks millions of transactions and analyzes terabytes of data from over 800 online retailers in the U.S. The report revealed that use of mobile devices for online shopping was up 9 percent this year, and that mobile devices now generate over 37 percent of all online shopping traffic as well as 21 percent of online sales. Even though tablet users placed 1.5x more sales, at least twice as much traffic was driven by smartphones.

Out of the 37 percent online shopping traffic generated by mobile devices during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, iOS accounted for 80 percent of the traffic as well as 17.3 percent for all sales. Android devices only accounted for 3.75 percent of all sales generated. The report also revealed that iOS users spent more per order, nearly 18 percent on average, roughly $131.34 versus $111.35 on Android.

iOS devices also generated more than 26 percent of all overall mobile traffic during this period as opposed to 11 percent generated by Android. Other platforms such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone are not represented because they didn’t generated enough activity.

Source: AppleInsider

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