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iOS hack brings multi-user support to Apple’s iPad

Everyone knows that the iPad is a fantastic consumer electronic device for users to create and consumer digital content on, but the fact that it is designed to be used only by a single user makes it difficult (and potentially costly) for an entire family to share content without mixing up each other's personal files and information. That is all set to change though, for word has it that a Brazillian hacker has somehow managed to bake support for multiple user accounts into the iPad, much like how one would set up a family PC with such accounts for each member.

Picture this scenario: you are busy playing Angry Birds on your iPad, and your parents request to borrow the device for a while so that they can use it to check their work emails since the home PC is busted up due to dead hardware. No problem; you terminate the game, log out of the iPad and create a new user account for your parents' work use. And once they are done, you log back to your own user account on the iPad to continue your game, while those work emails stay safe in your parents' own user account which no one can access without the correct password.

Sounds impossible? Well, not anymore, apparently, a Brazillian hacker has managed to craft an iOS hack that is reportedly capable of performing the aforementioned task. The hack, which is dubed as the iUser, allows iPad users to create multiple user accounts on their device, but the real crux of the hack is that it is capable of segregating application data and system preferences between the various user accounts. This potentially allows users to share their iPad much like the way one would share a family PC, with each user's account being given its own seperate profile which will not overlap or interfere with those set up by other users, and the short video below tells it all:

Sounds great? Well, here's a little caveat; apparently, iUser will only be made available on Cydia, which means that only users of jailbroken iPads can engage in some multi-user goodness when it is officially released. However, if you are daring enough to fool around with code, you might be pleased to know that the hacker has released a pre-release version iUser's source code for public download.

Source: blogdoiphone.com

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