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iOS devices with curved displays might be a distant possibility

With curved displays being all the rage these days, its quite possible that Apple might be working on something along the same lines as well.

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The company has been granted a new patent today for a “curved touch sensor,” this patent deals with a technique for manufacturing curved touch surfaces that are not only accurate, but also devoid of any deficiencies caused by deformation or substrate wrapping. Apple claims in the patent that this technology can be used to make displays, touch mice and touch pads, apart from other devices, which is why it wouldn’t be a long shot to assume that iOS devices with curved displays might become a reality in the future.

Apple initially filed this patent back in 2010 and its unclear if the technology it has described in it will ever be used to manufacture a commercial product. The market is being led that way though, Apple’s major rival Samsung has already released a smartphone with a curved display whereas LG has been making waves with its G Flex, the flexible “self-healing” smartphone.

There have already been all sorts of rumors about future iOS devices. The company is expected to release iPhones and iPads with even larger displays. Once size parity with its rivals is achieved, it would be logical for Apple to go for a more drastic route, such as introducting curved displays on its iOS device. How long that will take, remains to be seen.

Source: AppleInsider

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