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iOS app “Heard” lets you record something that you heard 5 minutes ago

A new app for iOS titled “Heard” will let users go back in time and record something they wish they hadn’t missed. With “Heard”, you can now record something you heard up to 5 minutes ago.

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Ever wished you could record something you just heard 10 seconds ago? Or a minute ago? Or even 5 minutes ago? Don’t keep wondering, get the new “Heard” app for iOS (Geez, that sounded like a cheesy commercial. Okay let me try again). This spanking new iOS app titled “Heard” does nothing revolutionary, in fact what it does is nothing new, it’s all in the marketing and presentation folks. “Heard” allows you to hit the record button 10 seconds… 1 minute… Even 5 minutes after you heard something that you wish you could have recorded? How’s this done? Simple, the app keeps listening to you all the time (I can sense privacy freaks going into a panic attack just about now).

Turn your iPhone into a time machine!
HEARD is a groundbreaking app that lets you capture sounds from up to 5 minutes in the past.


For all those concerned about their privacy, worry not. The app deletes everything that it recorded beyond the timer set by you. This means that anything older than 10 seconds/1 minute/5 minutes is deleted and can never come back (and haunt you). For all those itching to try this app out now, a freemium version already exists, offering up to 12 seconds of recording from the past. If you want more, you have to pay up $1.99 which isn’t that much really, considering that the ones who really need such an app will greatly benefit beyond the meager $2 that the developer is asking for. Precious moments, priceless words can’t be heard/recorded once gone, this app does it for $2 (Once again, I sound like the marketing guy from the app company. I should really ask for a bribe now).

To purchase this app right now (you know you want to), hit the source link posted below.

iTunes Store Link | via TechCrunch | Heard App official website

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