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iOS 7 said to mimic ‘flatness’ similar to Windows Phone 8

Apple’s next iteration of its iOS platform is said to boast significant UI changes.  According to those that have seen the new platform first-hand or been briefed about it, iOS 7 will step away from the loftiness and realism that many iOS users have become accustomed with.

Many of Apple’s past and present products have relied on its ‘intuitive’ and ‘ease of use’ as the selling points. There’s no denying that Apple has done a swell job in making it extremely easy for anyone to use its products, and a drastic UI change now may alienate the core followings.  However, according to the sources, the new UI will change things up without confusing people.

So what’s all this hub bub about a new iOS UI? Well, according to one source, the new mobile OS is “very, very flat.”  Another source pointed out that the gloss and shine that have been apparent in many past iOS products have diminished greatly. One other person compounded the two previous assessments by saying that iOS 7’s flatness that is similar Microsoft’s Windows Phone modern UI.

While iOS may be ‘flattened’, the core features such as the tile layout will probably not go anywhere.  What many are looking forward to, however, is what Apple has in store for them in terms of multitasking.  The hardware has certainly progressed very far, but productivity on-the-go is still lacking on many fronts.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 7 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco in June.

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