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iOS 7 Accessibility options allow controlling of the device through head movements

New accessibility options have been unearthed in iOS 7, which allow the user to control their Apple devices via tracking head tilt movements.


These new options are found under Switch Control in the Accessibility menu, the option had been added for those users who require assistance with their motor and physical movements. Switch Control allows users to use their device by sequentially highlighting items on the screen which can be activated through an adaptive accessory.

Basically various movements can be used to correspond to various actions, for example moving the head to the right can be set up to register as a tap, moving the head to the left can be programmed with any other action. When this option is activated, it turns off touch input, so it may become a bit tedious to navigate around the device as it cycles around all of the options on the screen and the user has to move their head when it is bordered around the action they want to execute.

The movements can also be configured to act as the Home button, to open Notification Center, App Switcher, launch Siri and even increase and decrease volume. The head movements accessibility options under Switch Control is currently a beta function, there’s no saying if it will make the cut when iOS 7 is publicly released.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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