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Iomega’s SuperHero Won’t Save Your Life In a Crisis…

…but it will save something else more important than our lives, especially when humans today tend to form attachments to a tad too many other things for comfort. And if that precious stash of iPhone contacts and photographs are worth giving up one’s life for, the SuperHero might be just the kind of hero the people really need today.

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If the power of the planet’s natural forces could bring about a superhero known as Captain Planet, then there ought to be a certain superhero out there who can answer the cry of humans who have lost one too many iPhones and iPods to the dreaded villain known as ‘Human Carelessness’. And fortunately for us mere mortals, it seems that a SuperHero from Iomega has indeed taken it upon himself to save us from our own carelessness.

Just like how most superheroes always rely on an alter ego to conceal their true identity, the Iomega SuperHero Backup And Charger does not attempt to draw any attention to its noble purpose. In its alter-ego-like state, the SuperHero resembles nothing more than a generic iPod and iPhone dock which charges the device for as long as it is connected.

But this is also where the facade ends. Like any superhero who works quietly and away from the public eye, the Iomega SuperHero automatically gets do to work in fulfilling its duty to smartphone users by doing a complete backup of important data within the i-Device. According to Iomega, the SuperHero is capable of storing and backing up information such as the photos taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera, along with contact details stored within the phone. In addition, users get a free 4GB SD card bundled in the package so that they can start backing up their data right out of the box without the need to purchase an additional card for storage.

However, this SuperHero is also slightly different from the typical superhero in that we need to pay him for his services. The SuperHero is currently available for sale globally at US$70, but he also comes with a generous three-year warranty , unlike other superheroes who only offer their services on a one-off basis. Last but not least, the SuperHero even comes with his own online superhero comic which can be viewed here.

Source: Iomega

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