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Interview with Singapore’s Top Gaming Clan X3M

X3M recently attracted quite a bit of attention for
setting up a female DOTA division. Can you describe how that came about?

Our DOTA division started only September last year. In the
beginning, it was only one team of 5 players. Due to the tight schedule, we
did not have the time for much training and to groom the 5. After the World
Cyber Games, we decided to open up a mass recruitment. About 30 players came
down and out of these 30, 20 were selected so that brought our division up to
a strength of 25 players. One of the players talked to us about his friends
who were looking for a clan to join. This is the group of female DOTA players.

So we met up with them and had a discussion over coffee. They are actually a
team of 5 girls who were from different clans but came out to join up with each
other. They did quite well in terms of working together so they decided to come
out to either form a clan of their own or join an existing clan. There are some
rumours that we are using this female division as a marketing tool, but the
truth is we actually offered them the opposite. They were offered sponsorship
from some of the big gaming associations with the promise of photoshoots, posters,
nation-wide fame and hardware sponsorship. This was something they are trying
to avoid, all they wanted was to be treated like a normal clan member and not
as a marketing tool. That was why our simple offer was actually what they were
looking for: They come in, we’ll train them and groom them, they do their best
at competitions… same like the rest of my 50 other guys.


So how has that changed the clan? You guys can’t game
topless during trainings then?

We have no restrictions in that area since we don’t train topless
anyway heh. They are basically in the same system. Only thing is that we found
that the girls tend to get excited more easily and more prone to distractions
during the game. So we try to have as little people around them during trainings
and tournaments as possible, so that they can focus better. It’s a little better
for the guys since we by nature are rowdy.


What would you say is the difference between an individual
gamer and a gamer in a clan?

You will not have the same kind of experience you will get
in a clan as an individual gamer. You don’t get involved in plannings nor learn
how to manage and work with people as you would in a clan. You need to work
with other people, balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and these
are some things a solo player will not be able to experience.


What are the advantages and disadvantages being a gaming
clan in singapore?

I’d say the potential of our gamers and gaming industry will
not be fully realized until 2-3 years later. While gamers in some other countries
such as the US are getting paid to play their games, over here we do not have
this privillege. In our current state, we still can’t game for a living… so
gaming will still be a hobby until our whole industry has stepped up to the
next level with the proper infrastruture for such possibilities.

Advantage wise, I would say it’s the small size of Singapore.
It is easier to work with other gamers and the whole community is more closely-knitted.
We can meet just about anyone within this coummunity, just about anytime we
want to. In other bigger countries, you’d probably need to fly here and there
just to do that.

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