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Interview with Singapore’s Top Gaming Clan X3M

What would you say is the darkest moment for X3M? What
was it like?

Well the clan’s been running pretty fine for the past 6 years…
the darkest moment would probably when most of the Elders were called in for
National Service enlistment. Some of the junior members started to drift away
as there was no one to take care of the clan… that was around 2001, when 5
of the Elders went into National Service. Some went to join other clans for
a short duration during this dark hour. This lasted until the Elders had a bit
of spare time outside of National Service and that’s when we started to pull
our junior members back.

The Age group and diversity of your clan, what is it

I would say we’re a pretty diversed clan in this aspect, some
members are marrried, the youngest in the Clan is 14 years old…. basically
in different stages of their lives, some are in the National Service, some working,
and many are studying.

Can u give me some examples of decisions you made that
changed the clan radically?

One was made in 2002, when we decided to make the whole clan
a competitive clan. We were more of a social gaming clan before this. When we
decided to make it a competitive clan, we rounded up all the guys and made sure
everyone was committed to it. Those who couldn’t commit actually left the clan.

We’ve also had cases where some members were not really committed
to the clan and approached sponsors on their own. They started forming another
clan without our knowledge and only announced that they wanted to leave the
clan when everything have already taken shape. This affected the morale of the
junior members but we managed to pull everything back on track by training more
vigorously and regularly.


What are some tips and tricks you’ve discovered and
used in keeping your clan united and successful?

From our experience we know that the members love to game a
lot. Our management is such that it breaks down in levels to the individual
divisions. The division leaders keep the members involved with constant training
and keeping them up to date with the latest clan development and progress. Frequent
meet-ups between the members and supporting each other divisions give them a
pride and belonging they find in X3M. Even during Battlefield 2 tournaments
for example, the DOTA division would come down to support them. These are some
things that keep them engaged. They also understand the importance of planning
and involvement, that they are not just here to play games. Everybody feels
and know that they are important.


How frequent are all these meetings and updates for
your clan members?

Lesser important stuff would be done through MSN, forums and
emails. More important stuff we would meet up to discuss, and their training
scehdule is such that each member would be training at least twice a week. The
working adults may be less frequent during meet-ups but everyone is updated
in emails and the forums. As long as they check, no one will be out of the loop.

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