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Interview with Mr Shai Schiller, CEO Axis Mobile

VR-Zone was honored to be given the chance to interview Mr Shai Schiller, CEO of Axis Mobile at the 3GSM Conference held @ Suntec City, Singapore. Throughout the interview, we discussed the various trends that the consumer mobile market is heading, and Axis Mobile’s Simple Mail mobile email application, a revolutionary application that will bring mobile email to the next level.

Mr Keren Kroglen, Mr Shai Schiller and Ms Stacy Fassberg

VR-Zone was honored to be given the chance to interview Mr Shai Schiller, CEO of AxisMobile @ the 3GSM Conference held at Suntec City, Singapore Yesterday. Throughout the interview, we discussed the upcoming trends on the usage of email on Mobile phones. We also touched extensively on Simple Mail, AxisMobile’s latest mobile email innovation.


AxisMobile is a world leader in consumer mobile email solutions. Mobile operators around the world are offering AxisMobile’s email services to millions of end-users who enjoy its extensive attachment support using almost all of today’ s handsets. AxisMobile’s main objective is to provide software that drives the mass market adoption of mobile email and related products by making multimedia information portable, ubiquitous and easy to access of subscribers’ existing mobile handsets at an attractive cost.

AxisMobile’s email platform provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for consumer mobile as it supports Web, WAP, IMAP4, MMS, SMS and J2ME interfaces. Such interfaces cover most methods of transmitting mobile data communications. AxisMobile’s platform means that mobile operators no longer need to integrate platforms from different vendors, thus reducing costs. At the same time, AxisMobile also aims to leverage customer relationships by offering additional products and services based on its technology platform, hence producing cross-sales and increasing the value to customers and to its shareholders.

Do read on as I will be providing some interesting feeds regarding the latest innovations by AxisMobile in the following page.

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