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Intel’s top Z87 motherboard for Haswell LGA1150 smiles for the camera

Possibly one of the final and finest creations of the soon to be defunct Desktop Motherboard group at Intel, Kinsley (otherwise known as DZ87KL-75K) is the top enthusiast oriented SKU of the upcoming Haswell Z87 Lynx Point line-up.

Traditionally, Intel's own Desktop Boards (built by Foxconn) for their processors did not register on the radar screens of DIY enthusiasts, no thanks to the aggressive marketing/engineering efforts by 1st tier motherboard vendors like Asus and Gigabyte, and the lack of channel availability in some regions.

The overclocking community also complained that the VRM electrical design and BIOS options labelling on the boards were not as robust as the usual lot, prone to the dreaded "blue flames and burning transistors smell" when pushed beyond normal operating limits.

Of course, there were notable skull-themed exceptions, namely the iconic Bad Axe (975X) that started it all, and for the uber rich – the dual socket Skulltrail D5400XS (unlocked Xeons and FB-DIMMs).

Over the past few releases (X79/Z77), we found the boards (usually provided for media review) to be much improved in componentry choices, board layout and UEFI design. In fact, Intel's own creations usually get the latest RAID OPROM fixes and microcode updates first through regular BIOS updates, which is quite often neglected by the big boys.

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