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Intel’s DC S3500 SSD spotted on shelves in Japan

Pricing details for Intel’s new enterprise level SSD have emerged as sharp eyed Japanese bloggers spot the next-gen drive on store shelves.

One of Intel’s next-generation enterprise SSD has been spotted on store shelves by Japanese bloggers as the drives go on sale today.

The DC S3500, codenamed Wolfville, is set to launch this quarter and has a 20nm MLC.  Reportedly, the drives can push sequential read speeds of 450MB/sec, write is 400MB/sec transfer rate, and a 4K random read speed of 72,000 IOPS. The drives have a total bytes written endurance capacity (TBW) of 70TB/100TB/170TB/275TB for the 120GB models.

Intel’s competition in this sector of SSD largely comes from Kingston’s E100 series, Seagate’s E100, and Samsung’s 1625 drives.

The prices of the drives will range from $135 at the low end, with the SSDSC2BB120G401 at 120GB, and $1050 at the high end with the SSDSC1NB080G401 with 800 GB. According to materials from Intel, all models have a read latency of 50us and a write latency of 65us. All models except the 800GB one have a power on to ready time of 2 seconds, while the 800 GB model has a power on to ready time of 3 seconds.

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