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Intel Trademarks Ultrabook, Joins Smartbook AG in Pointless Naming WarsTM

From the looks of it, the 2012 might be the year more known for patent and naming wars rather than the innovation itself. The return of naming wars might be interesting though, with Intel trademarking the Ultrabook name.

Without any doubt, the 2012 is shaping up to be the year of Ultrabooks – or at least Intel hopes so. In order to secure stockholder confidence, the design originally known as the Apple MacBook Air is now pushed by Intel to all qualifying notebook vendors. The company is heavily investing in getting vendors putting as much products on the market as possible. Also, the company reserved a lot of marketing funds in order to push the name “Ultrabook” as the new and hip, beyond tablet name.

Tablets for $500, Ultrabooks for $1000 seems to be the going rate for marketing focus. However, in talks with some of the partners and some Intel sources too, the company is going to actively protect the Ultrabook name. We’re not exactly certain did Intel employ lawyers from German SMARTBOOK AG, which are known to send Cease& Desist letters to anyone who dares to use the name Ultrabook with for example, an AMD Trinity, NVIDIA Tegra 3+ or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 notebooks, but who knows.

All we know is if you're a notebook vendor and put "Ultrabook“ in the same sentence as "AMD Fusion A-Series 4000“, you're in trouble in terms of receiving those lofty MDF's (Market Developing Fund). In order not to violate the FTC anti-trust settlement, the company is not calling the alleged $100 subsidy for each notebook "MDF" but rather "an incentive".

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