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Intel SSD 710 Lyndonville for Enterprise Detailed

With enterprise SSDs, merit always goes in this order: endurance (durability), throughput, and transfer-rates. The SSD 710 series uses SATA 3 Gbps interface, its random read/write throughput is comparable to most SATA 3 Gbps MLC SSDs, and varies between the three models (capacities). With 4K random read, all three models offer 38,500 IOPS. 8K random read is 26,000 IOPS for the 100 GB model, and 27,000 IOPS for both 200 GB and 300 GB ones.


4KB random write performance varies a bit differently. For the 100 GB model, it's 2,300 IOPS; 2,700 IOPS for the 200 one, and 2,000 IOPS for 300 GB. With 8K random writes, the 100 GB model offers 1,900 IOPS, 1,300 IOPS on the 200 GB model, and 1,700 IOPS on the 300 GB one. Overprovisioning of 20% capacity (rendering 100 GB to 80 GB, 200 GB to 160 GB, and 300 GB to 240 GB) dramatically increases random write performance with both 4K and 8K. With 4K, the overprovisioned 100 GB model offers 4,000 IOPS, overprovisioned 200 GB offers 3,300 IOPS, and overprovisioned 300 GB offers 2,400 IOPS. With 8K, it's 6,000 IOPS for overprovisioned 100 GB, and 2,500 IOPS for the 200 and 300 GB drives.

In terms of sustained sequential speeds, all three models offer up to 270 MB/s read speeds. The 100 GB model can sequentially write at up to 170 MB/s, while the 200 GB and 300 GB drives can sequentially write at up to 210 MB/s. In terms of latencies, all three drives have typical latencies of 75 μs for read, 85 μs for writes. The drive is ready for service in 1.5 seconds from power on.

Its enterprise-worthy portfolio is further cemented with features such as enhanced power-loss protection, inrush current management, lower power draw compared to X25-E, and temperature monitoring and logging for analysis by an admin. Besides what's a better badge an enterprise SSD can flaunt than the Intel logo?

Intel expects the SSD 710 Series "Lyndonville" to launch in early to mid September.

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