Intel SSD 710 and 720 are scheduled to launch during Q3 this year. However, detailed specifications have already been leaked before the launch date. More details inside.

From the table, we can see that the Intel SSD 710, codenamed Lyndonville, is a slightly better spec-ed SSD compared to the Intel SSD 320 series. The read speed is up to 270MB/s whereas the write speed is 210MB/s. Intel SSD 720, codenamed Ramsdale, on the other hand boast a very high read speed of 2200MB/s and 1800MB/s of write speed. However, the Intel SSD 720 is not the usual SATA drive but a PCIe version. It also consumes roughly 21W more power compared to Intel SSD 320 and 710. The Intel SSD 710 and Intel SSD 720 are rumoured to retail during Q3 this year.

Source: EngadgetComputerBase