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Intel Sandy Bridge: Now available from GooGoo Custom Computers

Well, that took a little shorter than expected. It has been barely a couple of weeks since Intel launched its Sandy Bridge micro-architecture, and our very own custom PC OEM, GooGoo Custom Computers, has already starting listing the availability of Intel’s new platform in their product lineup.

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Now that Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform has been officially released,the next logical thing for users to do is to start ‘investing’ in hardware which are compatible with Intel’s new microarchitecture. After all, with Intel promising significant performance gains over the Nehalems that Sandy Bridge is supposed to replace, it only makes sense that users will want to kickstart their new year with a new, souped-up PC for both work and entertainment purposes.

Of course, to do that requires a trip down to the local hardware shops for some new hardware. While that may not be a problem for most enthusiasts, there will be instances where one is simply not capable of making the trip down for some shopping, for various reasons. Fortunately, those who are caught up in such situation need not fret: the local custom PC OEM known as GooGoo Custom Computers has updated its online store to include products which run on the new Sandy Bridge platform.

While the choice of processors over at GooGoo may appear to be a little more limited as opposed to what one can get over at Sim Lim Square, enthusiasts might be interested in the fact that the custom PC OEM has apparently got stocks of the unlocked Core i7-2600K processor. Which, at the time this article was written, is apparently not available in Sim Lim Square yet. And we are quite certain that the 2600K is not going to last long once people get wind of its availability in GooGoo, so here’s hoping that you still have some money left over from Christmas.

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