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Intel introduces 4th generation dual-core Core processors based on Haswell

With the quad-core Haswell already out in the wild, it’s time for the cheaper and more value oriented dual-core Haswell processors to show their face.

Intel had lifted the embargo on quad-core Haswell back on Saturday, with the embargo on dual-c0re SKUs lifted off today. Here’s a quick round-up of the various dual-core lineups that Intel has launched (to confuse us best).

M-series and T-series

Intel Haswell dual-core M and T series

All dual-core Haswell are limited to a maximum TDP of just 37W which is interestingly 35W (2W lower) for the desktop SKU. We don’t really think that the 150 MHz reduction in maximum Turbo clock of the GPU caused this change, perhaps there’s something else. All M-series and T-series SKUs come with Intel HD 4600, which happens to be the GT2 Haswell variant. GT2 comes with 20 EUs (Execution Units), an increase of 4 compared to Ivy Bridge (and 8 compared to Sandy Bridge).


Intel Haswell dual-core U series

Intel’s U-series of dual-core Haswell processors come equipped with the faster GT3 variant which packs as many as 40 EUs, double of that found in the GT2 variant. However, Intel’s U-series enjoys TDPs that are nearly 20W lower than the M-series and T-series that we discussed earlier, thanks mainly to the much lower base clock speeds and lower Turbo frequency. Some SKUs comes with Intel HD 4400 graphics which are nothing but a slower (core clock) GT2 variant.


Intel Haswell dual-core Y series

Wrapping up, we have the Y-series Haswell SKUS aimed at tablets (such as Microsoft Surface). These SKUs has a new specification, SDP which stands for Scenario Design Point. The GPU is a GT2 variant and clock speeds have been dropped further, as expected. Well, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Surface Pro 2 somewhere down the line with Intel’s 4th Gen Y-series dual-core processor inside.

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