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Intel Centrino 2004 Roadmap

  Q1 ’04 Q2 ’04 Q3 ’04 Q4 ’04
Platform Centrino Centrino (Sonoma)
Processor Dothan 1.6A/1.7A/1.8Ghz
Dothan-LV 1.3Ghz
Dothan-ULV 1AGhz
Dothan 2Ghz
Dothan-LV 1.4Ghz
Dothan-ULV 1.1Ghz
Dothan 1.6B/1.73/1.87/2A/2.13Ghz
Dothan-LV 1.4Ghz+
Dothan-ULV 1.1Ghz+
Chipsets Montara-GT :
533/400Mhz FSB, DDR333, Portora Gfx core,

Montara-GM+ (855GME) :
400Mhz FSB, DDR333, Portora Gfx core
, ICH4-M

Alviso-GM/PM : 800/533/400Mhz FSB, DDR-2
533/400, PCI Express 16x, ICH6-M)
Wireless LAN 220BG
(11b/g, WPA v1)
Calexico 2
(11a/b/g, WPA v2, IEEE 802.11i)

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