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Intel Case-Mod Competition

Project Serenity by Iskandhar Shahril

I guess not many people heard of Iskandhar but i am sure many
case modders will be familiar by the nick “Wolfie”, the man behind Virtual
Hideout. VH is one of the popular modding site around and yes they are from

Serenity means peace and quietness therefore the whole system is
water cooled to keep noise level down. The entire exterior of the case is
covered in high quality vinyl adhesive with the carbon fiber pattern printed
onto it to give a futuristic look. Automotive window tint was used to cover the
window at the lettering cut outs and in normal room light, the chrome backing
highlights the text but under no light condition, a Blue Cold Cathode Tube
lights up both the text and the logo window.


Guitar PC by Terence & Victor

Certainly, VR-Zone has something for this competition too
although to be honest we are not too much into case modding. Overclocking will
best suit us 🙂 The whole idea is to make the Guitar PC still a guitar and at a
same time a powerful PC. There are 2 USB ports to the top of the guitar for more
convenient plugging in of USB devices and the rest of the Multi-IO ports can be
accessed by the side of the guitar. There is a small LCD panel by the side which
can be flipped open when needed. A case fan and fan grill is mounted at the hole
for ventilation and there is a set of running blue LEDs on the front. We tried
to make everything as wirelessly as possible to minimize the number of wires
going into the guitar. As such, keyboard and mouse are wireless, Infra-Red is
just beside the small LCD panel, Bluetooth dongle connected to the USB port,
wireless speakers making use of FM transmission (a transmitter inside the guitar
and a receiver placed within 2m from the guitar).


Out-of-the-box PC cum Table by

Johan Jerome Klassen

Trying to free up some table space for more work place? Well,
you can put all your computer parts under the table instead. A glass top can be
lifted for easy maintenance, or adding, removing or repositioning of

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