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Instagram 4.1 for iOS brings auto photo straightening and other new features

Instagram announced today the next major mobile app update after announcing Video on Instagram a little over one month ago. The version number has been bumped to 4.1 and a couple of completely new and much requested features have been added.


Video on Instagram is the first proper rival for Twitter’s Vine. Facebook owns Instagram, however the latter works on its own product. Vine started off the trend of brief video clips, it allows users to only record and share six second clips. Video on Instagram offers much greater length, allowing users to record video clips of up to 15 seconds. It seems users wanted the extra time, because ever since the service was announced, it has caused serious damage to Vine’s user stats.

Instagram 4.1 brings a couple of new features that had been requested by users. There is now the ability to share videos already present in a phone’s library. Previously one had to record a clip through the Instagram app, now they can select one from the library, exactly the way they would select a picture from their library to share on Instagram. The clips can be trimmed down to the required length, they can also be square cropped so that the focus remains entirely on the content. The iOS app also features automatic photo straightening. If a picture taken through the app has a crooked horizon, the app is now able to fix that on its own. The feature will also work on such pictures selected from the phone’s library.

Instagram 4.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available as a free download from iTunes App Store.

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