The Colossus will be available in two finishes – matt black, and gloss white. The prototype we have seen earlier on represents the gloss white version. Programmable lighting is installed on both versions of the Colossus, to suit the users’ personal preference.
Putting lights into a PC chassis is easy; doing so without turning the chassis into a garish looking lightbox is not. The Colossus can either be programmed for solid blue or red lighting, or a cool pulsating effect in either blue or red. Those who want to, can turn off the lights on the Colossus totally. 
Still, there is no better way, to judge how well BitFenix has done with the Colossus project, than to check out these shots of the Colossus in the dark.

BitFenix is still working on both the Survivor and Colossus to improve on the look and feel of these products. Will BitFenix attain cult status amongst enthusiasts? We certainly think that they stand a chance.
Who knows? They might even create a generation of gamers who spend their weekends waxing their gaming chassis on altars.