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Insider says PS4 won’t be delayed in Europe

Despite earlier reports, an insider is now claiming that the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 will not be delayed until 2014 for the European market.

A recent Edge article claimed the Sony’s new home console, the PlayStation 4, wouldn’t be released in Europe until 2014. However, an insider with knowledge of PlayStation’s business strategy has revealed that this is not the case. Microsoft is apparently readying for aggressive advances into the region, and the source, who spoke with CVG recently, has made it clear that Sony will be renewing its efforts to maintain success in Europe. The source says that Sony has learned its lessons from the difficulties it faced while competing against Microsoft at the launch of the previous console generation. PlayStation is apparently “prepared to do whatever it takes” to ensure there is no PS4 delay.


In March of last year, Xbox revealed that they had secured Phil Harrison’s services as corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business. Harrison has knowledge of the UK and European studios as well as commercial sensibilities in that region, which means Sony will likely have an uphill battle to fight.


Naturally, both consoles will dominate their home markets: Xbox leads sales in the US with 40 million sold 360s against the PS4’s 25 million. Similarly, Japan is considered a safe region for PlayStation, with 360 sales far behind. Europe however, is a battleground. In the UK it’s a close battle with 8 million 360s against 5 million PS4 consoles. Due to the large number of pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, some are expecting there to be a PS4 supply shortage which may affect its output. If that is indeed the case, chances are Sony will be pushing whatever supply they do have to the European market.



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