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InnoAX NetPhone – USB

As with many add-on USB devices

As with many add-on USB devices, installation is a breeze.
Simply plug into any free USB ports which it will be auto detected. No extra drivers
needed as everything is auto installed by the system


During the drivers installation, it says C-Media USB device
found. I was wondering whether the InnoAX Netphone – USB is actually an USB
sound card in disguise. I proceed to disable the onboard sound card from the
BIOS. Soon my little experiment proved that I was right. I was able to output
sound like mp3 songs to the speakers or headphones via the 3.5mm stereo socket.
This could prove to be handy as some people wants cheap external sound card to
replace their faulty onboard solutions.

Plug in a normal speakers and you get a cheap external sound

The yellow-green LED as indicated with the arrow above will be
blinking as long as there is data being output to the stereo socket.


The red LED will be on when the microphone mute button is
depressed. Alternatively you can also mute the microphone through the sound
volume control under the Windows control panel.


After installation of the Skype software, the bundled software
which came with the InnoAX Netphone – USB will activate the following screen.

Allow it to use Skype so that you can use the buttons on the InnoAX Netphone
– USB to use some of the basic function of the Skype software.



Using of Skype software is pretty straight forward. Like any
messenger software, you need an account to login. Skype users calling to each
other is free but to call to land lines or mobile phones direct, you will need
to purchase credits from Skype under its Skypeout service. For the latest rates
please go to




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