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Inno3D Geforce 7800GT 256MB Review

The 7800GTs has been the talk of the town since they were released about two weeks back, and here we are going to take a look at the latest offerings from Innovision, the Inno3D Geforce 7800GT 256MB.

The 7800GT is scaled down version of the G70 core and comes with 20 pixel pipelines and 7 vertex pipelines instead of the 24 pixel pipelines and 8 vertex pipelines found on the 7800GTX.

Currently, all 7800GTs and 7800GTX are still manufactured by Nvidia and dished out to the various manufacturers by tiers, thus all cards that are currently in the market now are of reference design and comes with stock cooling. The main difference in the cards from different manufacturers is perhaps the BIOS implementation, affecting overclockability and stability of the different cards. Some manufacturers will guarantee an overclock on their cards by pre-overclocking them at BIOS level, wheras others will choose to stick to the reference clock speeds of 400/1000 as predetermined by NVidia. The Inno3D card that we’ll be looking at is conservatively clocked at 400/1000. Before we proceed on with the pictures, let’s have a brief look at the specifications.

Graphics Processing Unit
GeForce 7800 GT

PCI Express x16

256MB, GDDR3 2.0ns,
Infineon HYB18T256324F-20

Pixel Pipelines
20 Pixel Pipelines

Vertex Pipelines
7 Vertex

Memory Interface
256 Bit

Core Clock
400 MHz

Memory Clock
1000 MHz

Integrated RAMDAC @ 400MHz

Max Resolution
2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz

Rear I/O Ports
2x DVI, 1x S-Video VIVO

Power Connector
1x PCIe 6 Pin Connector

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