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As said in the previous page, the Inno3D GeForce 6800GS shares similar
looks and feel of the original NVIDIA reference card we’ve seen a while ago.
However, we still proceeded to strip the card bare to take a closer check.

Here’s a closer look at the card:

Here’s a full view of the GeForce 6800GS. Except for the
Inno3D sticker on the fan, this card is totally identical to the NVIDIA
reference GeForce 6800GS we saw a while ago.

Here’s a back view of the Inno3D GeForce 6800GS.

Like most other higher end cards from the 6800 family, this
Inno3D GeForce 6800GS requires a 6pin power connector from the Power Supply

Here’s the rear I/O ports present on this card. Standard VGA,
DVI, and TV-Out on this card. However, it would be better if this card comes
with a dual DVI output interface.

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