This card shares a similar PCB as compared to the Inno3D 6600GT PCIe. This
comes as no surprise, since it even shares the same type of memory and RAM sinks.
However, the heatsink/fan of this card is similar to those found on lower end
6200. However, the highlight is still with the SLI slot, making this card the
cheapest card to SLI.

Let’s take a closer look at the card:

This is how the card looks like, right out of the box.
Elaborate looking Copper RAM sinks are stuck to the BGA GDDR3 memory. The
heatsink/fan for the core however, is a simple one, like those found on GeForce

This is how the card looks like when stripped off all it’s
cooling solutions.

The GeForce 6600LE core, as silk screen labeled at the bottom.
Physically, this core looks very similar to 6600/6600GT cores.

The memory found on the card. 2.0ns GDDR 3 memory, clocked at
1GHz.. Such operational frequency is on par 6600GT!

The label found on our test card.

This is how the 6600LE looks like, when compared with a
GeForce 6200 PCIe, the card which we will test against with.


The rear I/O connectors on the card. Standard with a DVI, VGA,
and a S-Video out.