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It is apparent, when you look at the picture of the XFX
7800 GS AGP
we reviewed earlier, that both these cards are reference cards.
Later revisions may incorporate “inhouse-designs”, but suffice to
say, right now when you buy an7800 GS AGP card, you get the same card regardless
which brand you choose to go for. This sort of makes things simpler for consumers…
most will zoom in on factors such as after-sales service/support, price and
software bundle to help make up their decisions.

Yep they are the same down to the cooler used on the GPU core.

They use the same Copper based-Aluminum spread cooler on these
cards. Basically, it’s just the sticker on the fan that differentiates among
different brands of 7800 GS.

At the rear PCI I/O plate, you get a single DVI out put, a
single VGA output and your S-Video Output, supporting HDTV technology. God knows
HDTV makes such a visible difference on image quality some may just buy a new
card based on this feature alone!

Ulike the AGP 6800 Ultras which require a dual Molex power
feed, this card requires only a single molex feed. This says something about
the power consumption of this card compared to the old 6800 Ultras.

At the back of the card, we spot a full aluminum square spread
designed to help cool the RAMs at the back of the card by spreading out and
ultimately dissipating heat.

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