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Inno3D 7100GS Review: Include Pencil Mods!

With ever advancing Integrated Graphics Acceleration and greater workload exercised by HD Video and 3D graphics, the market for low-end standalone graphics accelerators are shrinking. Can anyone realistically expect decent 3D performance with a budget of SGD$ 139/USD$ 89 in today’s USD$ 500+ Video Card Market? Will the Inno3D 7100GS make it in this part of market?

Amongst nVIDIA’s Authorised Solution Providers, Inno3D’s brandname is one that should be of utmost familiarity with Asia’s PC enthusiasts. Based in Hong Kong, Inno3D has been in the PC business for almost a decade. In this short time, their products have become synonymous with reliability and value. Just in case you have been meditating in some distant cave for the past century, Inno3D’s parent company, InnoVISION Multimedia Limited has moved on with times and created nifty gadgets to complement their range of hardware products.

The GeForce 7 series, as most of you should already know, is part of nVIDIA’s current generation of products encompassing low to highend graphics acceleration solutions for consumer desktop PCs. The 7100GS we are looking at today, actually belongs to the lower end of the spectrum. Meant for light gaming and hardware video acceleration, it’s position was previously held by the 7300GS and 7300LE, 4 Pixel Pipeline entry-level graphics accelerators using DDR2 memory. The same traits are shared by the 7100GS, as we shall see in the later parts of this article.

At the lowest rung of the GeForce 7 ladder, is it worth the money to get a 7100GS? Can it kill off Integrated Graphics acceleration? Read on to find out!

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