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Inhon’s Blade 13 Carbon, world’s thinnest and lightest laptop, launches in June

Inhon has claimed the title of producing the world’s thinnest and lightest laptop with its Blade 13 Carbon.

The Blade 13 Carbon uses carbon fiber for the laptop cover and bottom plate, but the palm rest is composed of magnesium alloy.  Measuring in at 10.7mm thick and weighing just 1.9lbs, the Blade 13 Carbon is 7mm thinner and over a pound lighter than Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air.

It is given that the Blade 13 Carbon is light considering the material used to construct it, but what about the specs that really matter?  For starter, the laptop has an option of either a third-gen Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5-3337U or i7-3537U, with 4GB of RAM, a 128GB or 256GB SSD, and a 13.3-inch 1080p display to back up the Intel chip.  Connectivity-wise, there is an SD card reader, 3 USB ports (2x USB 3.0), a mini DisplayPort, Wi-Fi, and NFC. 

The 13 Blade Carbon will retail for approximately 1,350 USD in June.  For those that don’t want to own the thinnest and lightest laptop, Inhon is also offering a slightly beefier (and less sleek) Blade 13, which is composed of mainly fiberglass.  The Blade 13 is also limited in that it’s only available with a 1600×900 display, a core i5-3337U, and a 128GB SSD.  As for the price of the Blade 13, it’ll run for about 1,000 USD in May.  Both of course come with Windows 8 pre-installed as the operating system.

The Blade 13 Carbon and the Blade 13 will only be available in Taiwan at launch as no announcement has been made about their availability abroad.


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