The Cellular Operators Association of India has announced that the country now has a total GSM subscriber base of 671.13 active mobile users, which is a slight increase of 0.54% over last month.


Bharti Airtel, one of the biggest networks in the country, led the growth with over 1.26 million new subscribers, which sees its total subscriber base hit 190.91 million. Idea Networks is another network that is doing well in the country and has added 1.21 million subscribers and now has a total user base of 125 million.

net additions

Vodafone India now has 155 million subscribers after adding 0.35 million new users. BSNL, India’s government run network saw its user base at a steady 97 million. While these numbers do not reflect CDMA users, it is likely that these figures are in the vicinity of 213 million, making the total number of mobile users at 890 million.

The infusion of budget Android devices by local as well as international manufacturers has led to the steady rise in the number of mobile users in the country, with India crossing Japan to become the third biggest smartphone market in the world, after the U.S. and China.

Via: ThinkDigit