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Increasing Voltages & Extreme OC HD 4890 Using RivaTuner

In this guide, we will teach you how to use the Rivatuner to further increase voltages for the HD 4890 allowing you to reach speeds that can’t be achieved on normal circumstances. As such, we could achieve 1GHz on air and 1.13GHz on LN2. Read more to see how we do it.

This may not be new to some out there but at least it is for a few others and I.

I bought an MSI HD4890/1GB recently and was really excited when I found that my card could do about 980~1000mhz on the core for benchmarks. Its actual stability was around 970~980mhz

It was really cool but I wanted more.(Well, who wouldn’t?)

The thing is, the max available limit on CCC (Catalyst Control Center) was also 1000mhz.

Some days back, Guru3d.com released an overclocking article on the HD4890 over here.


They also provided the 4890 config file for Riva Tuner.

Great, so now I can use RivaTuner to adjust the limits above 1000mhz on the GPU core.
But there are are cards that don’t even hit 950mhz stable at all. We just need a slight bump in voltage to stablise that.

ASUS recently released their HD4890 cards with a voltage tweaker software. Yes, I know you can just flash your 4890 vbios to the Asus one and make use of the software but not everyone dares to flash the VBios of their new videocard.

Since all 4890 comes with the Voltera VT1165 VRM controller, we can make use of the plug-in as we did with the GT200 and RV770 series.

Now we just need this 2 extra stuff :

  1. VT1165 plug-in which I downloaded from madshrimps.be(thanks guys!) : Here
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) : Here
  • Unzip VT1165.zip into C:ProgramFilesRivaTuner v2.24PlugInsMonitoring
  • Execute “VT1165.reg”

  • Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable setup

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