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In Soviet Russia, MeeGo Handsets Run Atom

In all truthfulness, that may not have been the most politically-correct way of describing a headline. But it just so happened that this particular news tidbit hails right from the country of the joke’s origin. Apparently, Intel was over at Moscow for a press event, and one of the devices shown there happens to be that of an Atom-powered smartphone running MeeGo. Cue the countdown to a dual-booting Windows/MeeGo smartphone in three…two…one…

Most people who own a smartphone are fully aware that their mobile phone uses a processor which is incapable of running Microsoft Windows. That is probably one reason why no OEM has attempted to sell a smartphone that boots off Windows XP or Windows 7 yet, with the other reason possibly being that Windows was never meant to be used on mobile phones.

However, it seems that change is a-coming, and the day where x86 processors find their way into mainstream smartphones may not be all that far off after all. In a press event held at Moscow (and attended by Intel) recently, it appears that Intel must have finally done something right, for a smartphone running off an x86 version of MeeGo Linux was seen making its rounds during the conference.

Details are extremely sparse at the moment, but what we do know is that the x86-powered smartphone sports a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, and the image reveals that there is also what appears to be a front-facing camera located near the smartphone’s speaker. No mention of the processor has been revealed, except for the fact that one of Intel’s Atom processors were used for it.

But still, we all know what the presence of an x86-capable processor means. And at this point, the biggest question right now is probably when someone will stuff in a full copy of Windows 7 into that ‘smartphone’.

Source: Engadget

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