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In China, love comes in the form of a five-inch tablet

Okay, maybe equating a mundane device such as a tablet PC to the principle known as love might be stretching it a little bit, but it is quite hard to see it any other way, especially when the company responsible for marketing this little device has a name which makes a reference to the word 'love'. That being said, does anybody fancy a five-inch ACHO tablet, all decked out in a brilliant white plastic body?

Just when one thought that the tablet wars could not have gotten any fiercer, out comes OEMs with a new breed of tablets that skirt the fine line between that of a smartphone and a tablet PC. With screens no smaller than the three-inch displays used by most smartphones but also no larger than five inches, such mini-tablets can either be seen as the best or worst of both worlds, and are mostly aimed that users who want the versatility of a tablet in a pocketable form factor.

And apparently, the idea of having a pocketable tablet has seemingly started to catch on on China. Indeed, reports have confirmed that a new mini-tablet device has been reported to be making its rounds in China's domestic tablet market, and is currently being sold under the ACHO brand name, with a model number of C902.

As it was for the case of the seven-inch C901 released before it in the later part of 2010,  ACHO is making no attempt to produce an iPad/iPhone/Galaxy /(insert name of device) lookalike, a trait seldom found in most Chinese domestic designs. In addition to its original design, the ACHO C902 is also fitted with a Rockchip RK2818 processor which is reportedly clocked at 1GHz, utilizes a five-inch touchscreen display capable of a native 800 x 480 resolution. and will come with version 2.2 of the Android operating system pre-installed into the it. Also, word has it that the C902 will feature built-in support for 3G and WiFi, along with hardware accelerated HD movie playback at up to 720p. Unfortunately, no price for the C902 has been revealed, although it is speculated that ACHO may price the C902 anywhere between 399 – 499 yuan (approx US$61-75)

Source: SOHU.com

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