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Impecca bamboo keyboard seeks to make computing greener

If there is one thing about our electronics that really needs to change is how unfriendly they are to our environment, and are the largest contributors to global pollution. I am sure we’ll see more of a move to make our devices "green" but I'm not sure that a wooden keyboard is the right answer.

We are all pretty familiar with the images of piles upon piles of discarded electronic, and people crawling over them trying to ink out a living by trying to recover what valuable heavy metals and salvageable electronic they can. We live in a world where we are drowning in old and discarded electronic, so it should be no surprise that some companies that are looking to capitalize on this by coming out with "green" products.

Impecca is one of those companies and their newest product, "a bamboo keyboard with a solid metal construction", will give you some bragging rights about being environmentally responsible with your electronic gadgets. In addition, the keyboard supports Bluetooth so you can use it with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices that are a part of your gadget world.

The company says that the keyboard will also come with a fixed bamboo panel on the bottom of the keyboard for ergonomic comfort. As well, the keyboard will have a wireless range of 33 feet.

There is no date for shipping of the keyboard but Impecca will be selling them for $99 when they show off the keyboard off at this year's CES event.

via Slashgear

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