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Imagination to pit MIPS against ARM in server sector

Imagination CEO says wants to up the ante against ARM by expanding MIPS into the server front.


When Imagination purchased MIPS in February, it promised to shake things up in the mobile market by taking on ARM’s near monopoly in the sector.

Of course, mobile isn’t the only thing ARM has a foothold in. There are a number of efforts to get ARM IP into the server market from a variety of players, including AMD with its upcoming Seattle chips.

Imagination is not satisfied with just trying to compete with ARM in the mobile sector, it’s also trying to gain a foothold in the server market.

“The intent with MIPS is to cover all the markets where a CPU is relevant,” Hossein Yassaie, Imagination’s CEO, is quoted as saying at a press event.

“So for us to be a significant player in [servers] it will take several years. But in terms of technology, come the end of next year I would expect to have a solution for all the markets that are important for a CPU to be in,” he continued.

Much like ARM, Imagination doesn’t actually build chips. It just creates intellectual property that it licenses to chip manufacturers.

Yassaie said that Imagination will have completed the IP for a server version of the Warrior Series 5 CPU by 2014, and he expects that licensees will have chips ready by 2016-2017.

Source:IDG News Wire

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