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Images of HTC’s upcoming 10-inch Puccini tablet surface online

Thought that the Flyer is the only tablet which HTC has in its entire product lineup to offer to its consumers? Think again; apparently, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has been hard at work behind the scenes in designing another tablet which sports a 10-inch display for users who just simply need the larger display size. And the name of HTC's upcoming tablet? Why, the HTC Puccini, of course.

So you have heard of how HTC attempted to get into the tablet game with the introduction of its HTC Flyer, a device which has managed to win quite a fair bit of attention in the market because of its unique HTC Scribe technology, which allows users to scribble content onto the Flyer with a digital pen as though it were a real paper notepad. But if you thought that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer's ambitions for the tablet market had ended with its Flyer, you could not have been further from the truth, for it seems that word has gotten out that the company has plans to introduce a 10-inch tablet into the market some time in the future. And the name of this elusive 10-inch tablet? The Puccini.

According to what BRG claims is an exclusive report about HTC's upcoming tablet, the Puccini will sport an 8-megapixel camera, coupled with "what appears to be a dual-LED flash", while its built-in audio capabilities consist of the typical stereo speakers, along with a microphone. In addition, BGR is claiming that the Puccini will also feature built-in support for digital pen input, if only because of the fact that one of the images it has managed to acquire sports what appears to be a stylus being holstered alongside the tablet in a protective sleeve. This suggests that the Puccini will come pre-loaded with HTC's Scribe technology. 

In addition, BGR is also suggesting, based on earlier reports, that the Puccini's general-purpose processing needs will be supplied by a 1.5GHz processor, while mobile network connectivity is provided by a built-in "4G LTE radio". Last but definitely not least, BGR has claimed that the Puccini will come preloaded with the tablet-optimized Android Honeycomb operating system. And yes, the HTC Sense UI will reportedly be integrated into the ROM as well. Well, we all saw that coming, no?

Source: BGR

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