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Image of mystery P67-based EVGA motherboard shows up online

EVGA has had a P67-based motherboard sitting around its site for quite some time already, but it appears that hardware enthusiasts may soon get to play with yet another P67-based motherboard from the likes of the aforementioned company. Apparently, an image of a new EVGA motherboard sporting a red and black colour scheme has been making its way around the Internet recently and based on the looks of it, this particular board is designed for the overclocking-hungry DIY-er.

Most PC enthusiasts will be fully aware that EVGA already has a P67-based offering for the market for quite some time already, and it comes in the form of the EVGA P67 SLI motherboard that was launched way back in January this year. However, like most first-generation 6-series chipsets launched early this year, many users were understandably concerned that their P67 SLI may be affected with the hardware bug that would result in hardware degredation of the SATA2 controller used in all Intel 6-series chipsets.

And as luck would have it, it seems that EVGA has heard the community's concerns and has since moved to work on a B3 version of the EVGA P67 SLI. Apparently, this updated, B3 version of the EVGA P67 SLI is known internally as the P67 FTW. Clearly, EVGA must think that this board, when released, would be so full of win that it could not resist the temptation of naming it as such.

Of course, for a board to be recognized as full of win even before users unbox the product and get down to fiddling around with the BIOS, it has to come with some impressive hardware specifications. And the good news is that the EVGA P67 FTW does have some neat features: while detailed specifications are still scarce, word has it that the P67 FTW will sport a 12-phase power design, six PCIe x16 slots and of course, support for both SLI and CrossFireX

In addition, the P67 FTW will also feature dedicated power, reset and CMOS reset buttons, along with four SATA2 ports and two SATA3 ports. Last but definitely not least, the board will come reportedly come bundled with a set of pins for the purpose of disabling the PCIe ports should the need arise. Now you know why it is called the FTW.

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