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Ignite VR Arcade: A Virtual Reality Experiment

If you’ve always wanted to give Virtual Reality a try but never had the chance, I have good news. In Marina Square, a new VR arcade has opened up. Run by local VR enthusiast Roy Khoo and his company Ignite VR; this is the first space of its kind to open up in Singapore. While there are only four HTC Vives set up, the prices are reasonable and the passion is palpable. If you were ever interested in VR, come down to Marina Square to give it a go. Take a look at their website for more details.

Ignite VR and the VR dream


I came down to the Arcade, located on the first floor of Marina Square mall. Before opening to the public, Roy showed me around very quickly. The Arcade isn’t too big, but there is more than enough room to get your game on. Three Vive headsets are set up in tandem, allowing three groups to play at once. For families, there is a wide range of games on show. For individual play, however, there are currently only three games on show.


Roy tells me that he’s been wanting to set up this arcade ever since he first got into VR. “I tried a Vive for the first time in March,” he said, “and I loved it!” The excitement of finally opening was readily apparent. He even showed me a small collection of VR devices on display, to give atmosphere to the space. When I jokingly asked about getting a VirtualBoy in, he said that he thought that wasn’t a bad idea either.


More seriously, he explains why there are currently only Vive headsets. “They are currently the best for these kinds of experiences,” he admits, referencing the motion controls and tracking. After the Rift gets their motion controls, though, Ignite VR might look into getting those headsets as well, space permitting. Roy adds that he’s spoken directly with HTC in his capacity as a VR consultant, and he says he has their full support. Very encouraging for this kind of initiative.

Eye to the future


The arcade has only just opened, but Roy and Ignite VR have their sites set on what will come in the future. For one, they plan to release their own VR titles to be used in the arcade. Tournaments, prizes and more are likewise on the horizon. However, whether or not the arcade is a success really depends on how many come and try out the VR. Roy believes that Singaporeans are interested in VR, so it is up to you to prove him right.

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