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Unlike the ICYBento, the Blizzard is anything but subtle. Bulky and imposing, this external case is amongst the largest we have ever seen. An 80mm fan is hidden beneath the cross-shaped front of the Blizzard, adding some serious active cooling to a single 3.5" drive.

The rear side of the Blizzard is fairly busy. From bottom to top we can see the power connector, a simple on/off switch, an eSATA connector, an USB 3.0 connector, a lighting adjustment dial and a three-way switch which can set the fan's speed to low, high or auto.

It is extremely easy to open the Blizzard; all you have to do is press the two side buttons and the front of the case comes off, along with the 80mm cooling fan. Sadly, even at its lowest possible speed the 80mm fan is audible, although it should be barely noticeable for most people.

The installation of a 3.5" drive inside the Blizzard is pretty straight-forward; the user only has to slide the HDD inside and it locks onto the internal SATA connector of the enclosure once the drive has been fully inserted. There are no screws or any other permanent locking mechanism.

Blue LEDs inside the enclosure add illumination, with the Blizzard glowing blue once powered on. Alas, even at its maximum level, the lighting of the Blizzard is very subtle and hardly visible from a small angle, even if the room is entirely dark.


The Blizzard is definitely not designed with maximum mobility in mind, as the device is hefty and designed to provide excellent cooling to drives operating for many hours, even 24/7. It is the kind of enclosure an enthusiast wants if he/she is forced to have an external drive for any given reason, or for people who do not plan on moving the disk around frequently. Ironically, the retail price of the Blizzard is about 55 EUR (90 SGD), the same price as the ICYBento; this time however, the price may be justified by the cooling and lighting effects, making the Blizzard a very good choice for those seeking a high performance enclosure which will be seeing heavy usage.

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