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The ICYBento is a simple but stylish external 3.5" disk enclosure, designed (as the name suggests) for effortlessly converting a single drive into an external device. It is a passive device, meaning that there are no active cooling methods and all heat dissipation is being performed by the aluminum frame of the enclosure. Make no mistake however; only the frame is aluminum, with the external body of the enclosure being painted plastic. When on its side, the ICYBento stands on four small plastic legs which can be folded and hidden.

The rear of the ICYBento is busy, with a standard on/off switch and the power adapter plug on the right side, the USB 3.0 plug right in the middle, the eSATA connector right next to it and a small button which opens the plastic legs of the enclosure on the far left. There also is a Kensington lock there, if security is required.

The front side of the ICYBento is relatively plain, yet stylish. The square white dot at the left side of the device is the activity LED. From here, the case can be opened for the drive to be installed by just pulling the plastic switch downwards and releasing the locked lever.

Once the locked lever is released, the tray may be pulled out. The tray indeed is made of aluminum, although its mass is hardly important. A plastic support brace is installed, it will have to be removed for a drive to be mounted.

After the drive is installed, the user just has to slide it back inside the case and it will lock onto the SATA connector inside the ICYBento automatically. There is enough space, therefore all 3.5" drives should fit without problems.


As the ICYBento is meant for 3.5" drives and mechanical disks cannot nearly fill the bandwidth of eSATA and or USB 3.0, the maximum speed that the ICYBento may achieve will be that of the disk installed inside it. Stylish, light, practical and very handful, the ICYBento has only one enemy; its own retail price. Retailing for about 55 EUR (90 SGD), it is expensive for an external HDD enclosure and will have a hard time combating the competition.


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