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Icron Technologies unveils 20-meter USB 3.0 cable

If you are the owner of some USB 3.0 cables, you probably noticed that they are only about 3m or less in length. Well, it seems that Icron Technologies have recently announced their collaboration with Intersil, to bring the world’s first 20m USB 3.0 cable to the market. 

Look through your collection of usb 3.0 cables, can you find any longer than 3m?

Existing usb 3.0 cables are all shorter than 3m due to the limitations of physics, that is signal degradation. Signal degradation over long distances is one existing problem that the world still faces, and Icron Technologies has figured a way around this problem. The company has just announced a partnership with Intersil Corporation to produce a 20 meter USB 3.0 cable that can deliver a throughput of 5Gbps.

Applications of the 20-meter USB 3.0 extension cable include:

– Remote video terminals with touch screens
– Remote external hard drives
– iPod/Smartphone synching stations
– High-definition security cameras
– Multi-room USB audio systems
– Industrial and medical machine control

Pricing has yet to be announced, but it is probably far more expensive than your guess (and mine).


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