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IBM’s Watson is heading to the cloud

IBM is opening up their Watson super computer, allowing developers to use its resources via the cloud.


IBM’s super computer Watson has been keeping busy. After it’s publicity stunt on Jeopardy, it’s been getting involved in a number of interesting projects. Recently it began helping doctors diagnose patients and sift through medical records, and now, it’s going to open itself up to public consumption on the cloud.

IBM just announced that they will be opening Watson up to third party developers using a new, open API which makes use of Watson’s advanced natural language capabilities. Developers will be able to ask Watson advanced strings of questions and have the super computer respond to them in real time.

This isn’t the first time Watson has been taken to the cloud, but it is the first time developers are being given total control over how its resources are used. You’ll need to contract an instance of Watson from IBM, but apart from that, the entire power of the machine is at your disposal. Apparently, the API will be easy to use. You can query Watson using natural language algorithms, and Watson will reply with links to relevant information from its database.


So far, three companies have contracted IBM for the use of Watson. One company, Fluid, is creating a retail program for Watson: “The model is to have a running dialogue between the consumer and Watson, which helps them make more informed buying decisions,” said Rob High, CTO for Watson.

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