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Ibis Sleep Art app: Turns one’s slumber into a work of art

French hotel chain Ibis has launched a free iPhone app that will interpret your sleep pattern and turn it into a work of art.

Prior to launching the sleeping art app, Ibis had a few physical beds in its hotels that were equipped with sensors and robots that drew artworks by interpreting the way the guests slept.  That same concept was then transferred over to a digital canvas, and the best part is people don’t have to book a room to find out how their sleeps look like.

The Sleep Art app works by monitoring a sleeper’s breathing pattern, noises, and movements using the phone’s built-in sensors.  Just lay the phone next to you and once you’ve arisen from your slumber, a digital painting will be ready for your viewing pleasure.

There’s probably very little science involved in the Sleep Art app, and you’ll have to just take it for what it is.  How pretty or ugly your sleep art will turn out may vary.  So if you’re wondering how beautiful your snoring looks, check out the app.

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