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Hydrogen & smartphone-powered i-H2GO toy car (interested yet?)

Science as a pure topic can often be boring and over the top, but when you combine it with current technological trends they make for an interesting and fun mix that’s hard to turn away from.


A simple toy can sometime spark a person’s interest far beyond what’s on the surface, and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies’ (HFCT) H-Racer line of RC cars embodies just that.  The enthusiast company has been around for a while, and their latest addition makes us wonder what the world would be like if all kids toys had a mix of science and technology all in one go.

On August 15, HFCT will begin shipping its i-H2GO kit, a hobbyist toy that is much more than a TRON look-alike RC car.  Like its H2GO kit of the past, the i-H2GO comes with a photovoltaic panel and a H2 Refueling station, which will aid in the conversion of H2O into hydrogen and oxygen.  The difference, now, is that the i-H2GO can be controlled using your smartphone through the use of the devices’ built in gyro sensors and Wi-Fi connection.

The i-H2GO will run for $180 (USD), and you can see for yourself why this hobbyist toy is actually quite cool.

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