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Huge touchscreen laptops coming your way, courtesy of DELL.

Now that it is quite certain that the touchscreen is going to have a role to play in the next computing interface paradigm, it only makes sense that more OEMs should start experimenting with it for their latest products.

And with that being said, move over tablets and MIDs, Dell is here to put a whole new meaning in ‘touchscreen computers’.

Curious about what they have in store? Read on.

It’s a well-known fact that fingers and laptop screens are not exactly the best of friends, especially when you can always count on the former to leave those grubby fingerprints that are anything but easy to clean off except with a proper microfibre cloth.

And yet, one also cannot deny that a touchscreen makes for more convinient computing, especially if you have a finger or two to pick with that trackpad, except that the only touchscreen-enabled computers out there today are certain desktop PCs by OEMs and of course, the tablet PCs which never have enough computing muscle for what one really wants to do.

Enter Dell’s new Studio 17 Touch, which carries with it the potential to change all of that.

Hardware-wise, the Studio 17 Touch is essentially a Studio 17 with a touchscreen stuck onto it and not a brand new product of its own, which does take some of the ‘wow’ factor out of it. But even then, it’s not often you come across a gigantic touchscreen notebook now, isn’t it?

Unfortunately for us (for now!), the Dell Studio 17 Touch is only available in USA, but given Dell’s good track record in bringing its latest toys down locally, it probably won’t be long before we get to see some of these one-of-a-kind touchscreen notebooks in our stores.

Sources: Slashgear and Dell

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