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Huawei unveils Ascend P2, aims to take on Apple and Samsung in 2013

Huawei, like a few other Chinese telecoms equipment maker, is rising quickly to become a major player in the hotly contested smartphone market, and the recent unveiling of the Ascend P2 is a testament to their effort.

The latest 4.7-inch quad-core smartphone from Huawei is nothing out of this world, but in terms of raw specs it is what most people would consider high-end.  Beneath the hood, the Ascend P2 boast a 1.5GHz quad-core, a 13MP rear shooter (1.3MP front), and Android 4.1 JB with Emotion UI.  Less impressive specs, however, include a 1280×720 display resolution (considering most firms are going for full 1080p in 2013), 1GB of RAM, and the phone is a bit beefy in terms of thickness—coming in at about 8.4mm thick.

(Does Huawei have what it takes to go head to head with "SamPle"? | IMG)

So far, many of the handsets that we’ve seen come out of Huawei’s production line were low to medium cost devices targeting Chinese consumers and budget consumers abroad.  However, in 2013, Huawei has its sight set on taking on big name handset makers like Samsung and Apple.   The Ascend P2 will go for ~526 USD (€399), making it one of the more affordable high-end smartphone.  Huawei’s downfall, however, has always been the design appeal as well as the sturdiness of its handsets, so we will see if the Ascend P2 can capture the hearts of Android power users outside of China.  Something else that Huawei handset seems to lack is optimization of Google’s Android OS to run on its hardware—although, Huawei isn’t the only Android handset maker to be suffering in this department.

Furthermore, Huawei also recently came upon some roadblocks here in the US as well Europe due to allegations of espionage by various government organizations.  Huawei has adamantly denied that they are using their exported consumer tech to spy on other countries.  Still, the espionage dagger has managed to cut deep enough that Huawei is going to have to climb a steep hill to prove it is not conspiring against people abroad.

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