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Huawei teases MediaPad tablet device, speculations abound

With so many tablets popping up on the market like how popcorn pops from kernels in a hot pan, it really should be of little surprise that there is yet another tablet slated to make its grand appearance soon, especially if Huawei's recently-released teaser video is of any indication. However, with little to no details about the aforementioned tablet's hardware specifications being made public, speculations are rife as to what kind of hardware Huawei's tablet will sport. Join us as we take a look at what the rumour mill is churning out…

Do you know that Huiwei has a new tablet that is reportedly due to hit retail shelves soon? Well, now you do: that tablet is known as the MediaPad , and the company has confirmed that it will be holding a media event over at the Red Dot Museum Singapore on June 20, where its executives will reveal MediaPad’s technical specs and provide product demonstrations for the press to disseminate to the public. That is great and all, but as we all know, the rumour mill is not going to be patient enough to wait an entire week for the press to obtain the official specifications of the MediaPad, and has commenced speculation into what it thinks is the most plausible hardware configuration Huawei's new tablet will sport.

According to the latest information being churned out by the rumour mill, word has it that the MediaPad will utilize a seven-inch display that makes use of capacitive touch technology and is likely to boast a native resolution of 1280 x 800. In addition, the rumour mill also claims that the MediaPad will be powered by a dual core processor, of which NVIDIA's Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip (SoC) and Qualcomm's MSM8660 and MSM8620 are said to be the most probable candidates to find a new home in Huawei's upcoming tablet device.

Lastly, it is speculated that the tablet will be preloaded with version 3.0 of the Android operating system (aka Honeycomb), although the issue of whether Huawei will decide to layer its own custom user interface over the vanilla Honeycomb UI still remains to be seen, due to the fact that Huawei had deliberately made sure that the teaser video it released a few days ago was filmed in such a way that the contents on the tablet's display are not revealed to the viewer at any point of time. Oh well.

 Source: Akihabara News, ARMdevices.net

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