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Huawei says it wasn’t interested in buying Blackberry

Chinese telecom manufacturer denies it was considering buying Blackberry, or any other company.


A day after a report that Canadian officials would try and block a potential sale of Blackberry to Lenovo, Huawei, seen as another Chinese suitor for the company, has denied it was interested in acquiring the struggling handset maker.

“Any acquisition would bring us similar technology to what we already have in our portfolio and that does not bring any synergies,” Reuters quotes Huawei CEO Eric Xu saying during a conference in London. “We will not do any acquisitions to support the business objectives we have for our smartphone business, rather we will take a step-by-step approach to build it.”

“The customers also want multiple choices of vendors.”

While Lenovo was the more serious contender of the two for Blackberry, should Huawei have made a bid for the company it would have been most certainly rejected. Though allegations of spying have never been conclusively proven, Huawei comes with geo-political baggage and has historically been met with hostility when it tries to enter western markets.

Huawei said that it spent 14 percent of its revenue last year on R&D.

Huawei currently has a 5.1 percent global market share according to Strategy Analytics, taking LG’s place as the third biggest smartphone vendor in 2013.


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