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Huawei intros MediaPad 7 Youth, yet another budget-conscious 7-inch tab with voice call support

We know that choice is good and the evolution of technology thrives on competition, but isn’t the 7-inch tablet market getting a little too crowded? Case in point, Huawei, whose MediaPad 7 Vogue has gone on sale less than a month ago and yet a rehash is already official.


This thing is called MediaPad 7 Youth and, regardless of what you may hear around some corners, it’s unlikely to sport a Full HD screen. Instead, it will probably “rock” an LCD panel with a sub-par 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution.

Capable of “1080p Full HD video playback functionality” (which is the statement that sent many on wrong paths), the Youth looks like it will have just one real ace up its sleeve – pricing. Then again, we’re yet to hear something official on that front, so it’s a little too early to try to estimate the slate’s hit potential.

What we do know is markets like China, the Middle East and Europe will be getting the 7-incher sometime in Q3 2013, which started 16 days ago and ends two and a half months from now. Yay for ambiguity, huh?

In terms of specs, there’s really nothing to write home about. The voice call support is kinda, sorta special, but are you honestly telling me you look forward to using a 7-incher as a phone?


Meanwhile, there’s an undetailed dual-core 1.6 GHz processor under the hood (is it 2011 again?), plus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (why no 4.2?) and a 4,100 mAh battery. That’s right, no snarky comment about that last part, even though the ticker is 225 mAh tinier than Nexus 7’s.

On the design front, the MediaPad 7 Youth bears a striking resemblance with its recently unveiled “cousin”, but it does come with a premium aluminum-made unibody in tow, plus it’s not so chunky, weighing in at 350 grams and measuring 9.9 mm in thickness.

Bottom line, it’s all about pricing. Will Huawei sell this thing for $150, $170 tops? Kewl! Will the MediaPad 7 Youth go for 200 bucks or more? Forget about it!

Via [Huawei]

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