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HTC Touch Diamond Review

You can connect to the Internet via GPRS, 3G or EDGE, HSDPA or WLAN. For WLAN, the setup is quite straightforward – just turn on the WLAN on the device to detect the wireless signals in the vicinity and connect to the one of your preference. Thanks to the [email protected] initiative by in Singapore by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), you can easily connect to most public hotspots for free.

The Touch Diamond comes preloaded with Opera Mobile browser instead of the usual Internet Explorer. The display orientation can be in portrait or landscape modes thanks to the built-in accelerometer, similar to the iPhone and iTouch. To change to landscape mode, just tilt the Touch Diamond to the horizontal position and it will switch automatically. This feature only works for some applications such as viewing pictures and videos and web browsing.

If the text is too small to read, you can either set the font size to large in the browser settings, or zoom in with your finger or navigation control. Keying in the website address is not as tedious as it looks, thanks to the various input methods available – Full QWERTY, Compact QWERTY, Phone Keypad etc. The input panel will pop up automatically when you select a field that requires text or numbers, as well as for some applications such as SMS/MMS messaging or email.

The Touch Diamond also has a dedicated YouTube application that allows you to view and search YouTube videos with ease. When you select the video you want to watch, the display automatically changes to landscape mode. Not all videos look good on the HTC as it depends on the quality of the video,

You can also take photos and videos with the Touch Diamond either with the main (rear) camera or secondary (front) camera. Note that the orientation will be in landscape for convenience. You can select from the available modes – Photo, Video, Panorama, MMS Video, Contacts Picture and Picture Theme. Still images will be captured in JPEG format while videos are captured in either H.263 (.3gp) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) formats.


Unlike some camera phones, the Touch Diamond does not have a shutter button at the top which you use your forefinger to press. For the HTC, the circular navigation control is the shutter beside the display (in landscape mode) which requires you to use the thumb instead, which may be slightly awkward. You can also zoom in/out on your subject, though the process isn’t very smooth with some lag time in between.

We were duly impressed with the overall picture quality as the scenery picture we took during the day is sharp with good colours. For the night shot, you need steady hands in order to avoid getting blurred pictures. The macro shot we took of the RCA adapter is good, even though there is no macro mode available on the camera.


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